Amana Heating & Air Conditioning Products


Did you know Amana was the manufacturer behind the world's first walk-in cooler and the Radarange microwave oven?† When you choose Amana products, you are buying the confidence that comes with years of development in the American way of life.† The same committment goes into all Amana brand heating and air conditioning equipment.† As a matter of fact, Amana brand is the standard-bearer for gas furnaces in the HVAC industry, thanks to its proprietary MillionAir heat exchanger and SureStart igniter.

Southern summers mean heat and more heat.† That's when you can count on Amana's line of air conditioners to keep the temperature cool and comforatable.† Their air conditioners and heat pumps are amon the most energy efficient in the marketplace, so you can feel confident you are buying a product that will benefit your home and keep your costs down.

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