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Employee Spotlight: Fausto Castaneda

A Team Player

Fausto Castaneda has been a member of the Stanfield Air Systems team for almost two years, serving as a Lead Installation Technician. Fausto brings a can-do attitude and a great sense of humor to our team.

Originally from El Salvador, Fausto has lived in the Athens area most of his life. He became interested in HVAC when he learned that it was a job that was in high demand and a skill set that would be useful to him. Everyone needs air conditioning in Georgia!

Fausto loves working with the Stanfield team! From telling jokes during installations to cutting up in the staff meetings, Fausto’s fun-loving personality and good nature shine through. He likes the environment at Stanfield, where he and his co-workers are valued and are encouraged to bring their best to their jobs and their customers each day. Fausto’s favorite part of his job is the satisfaction of doing his best.

When he’s not working, Fausto enjoys spending time with his family and being active with basketball, going to the gym, and fishing. He also plays guitar and has been known to shoot a round of pool with friends. Fausto seeks to show kindness and help others and live life with gratitude. We at Stanfield are thankful he’s part of our fantastic team!


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