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Fall Advice from the Best

Each year, our local newspaper, The Athens Banner-Herald, lets everyone from the area vote on the businesses that they think are doing a great job in their area of expertise. We are so pleased that once again, we have been voted as the best heating and air conditioning contractor in the Athens area! This is our 5th year in a row winning this prestigious award.

Recently, someone asked what our secret was. Why do we keep winning year after year? That made us stop and think. Stanfield has been built on a foundation of great service, hard work, and continual learning. That’s what our environment is like, but our “secret” doesn’t stop there. It’s the amazing people that work for us. They strive for excellence. They want to give you amazing service at each touchpoint.

They give valuable advice too. As the seasons go from warm to cold, we wanted to give you some advice from the best HVAC team in the area.

Tip #1

Make sure your thermostat setting is on heat. Often times we find the proper selection has not been made.

– Sam

Tip #2

If you turn on your heater for the first time in the season and smell burning dust, this is completely normal. It just means there’s dust in your heating unit, which is harmless and should burn off quickly. If you smell an electrical burning smell, on the other hand, this is not normal at all.

– Ron

Tip #3

If you see what looks like smoke coming from your heat pump when it’s cold outside, don’t worry, this is normal operation. It’s not smoke, but steam rising as the heat pump enters its defrost cycle.

– Ed

If anything goes wrong with your system during the in-between season or when it’s frosty outside, our team of experts are here to help you!


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