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Replace my heating and air system?

“Do I replace my heating and air system or do I repair it?” is a big decision for most homeowners and one they may face a few times while owning a home. For you and your family, it is essential to consider all of your options before you decide one way or the other. The team at Stanfield Air Systems understands what this can mean for you, so we have put together a short list of items to help guide you through this challenging decision. This decision comes when the current system has come to a stop or is just not heating and cooling properly. Most of the time this tends to happen at the coldest or hottest time of the year, which can put you and your family in an uncomfortable spot. The best way for you to never run into this situation is to take stock of your heating and air system needs now before that moment comes. Early spring or fall is a great time to take a look at your options and get something done before it becomes a much more significant issue during the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

The first question is how old is your system and is it near its life expectancy? When you are asking the question “Should I replace my heating and air system?”,  you need to understand the age and life expectancy of your particular system. Each system is different and there are many questions that must be answered such as “Is it gas or electric?”, “Who is the manufacturer?”, “What model number?”, “Has it had significant issues in the past few years?” and “Is it the right size for your space?” The quickest way for you to get started on this quest is to look on your outside unit,  find the manufacturer's plate, and see when the unit was made. As a general rule, if the unit is 10-15 years old, this is a sure sign that you probably need to replace your heating and air system.

What have I had to do the last few years?

The second answer to the replace my heating and air system question is to go back over the last few years of repairs and service to your unit. Whether you have the bills in front of you or not, you can run again over how many parts did you replace or how many repairs were completed in the last few years? Did you have to put freon in every spring to get the cooling right? Did it seem like your unit was running all the time in winter or summer just to keep up? It is easy not to remember the bad in spring and fall, but in the height of summer or the grips of winter, you will likely be acutely aware of the overall performance of the unit.

Next, if you are asking if replacing my heating and air system is the right thing to do,  consider whether you have had the system on a maintenance plan or just maintained it by calling for a servicing whenever you felt that it was needed. If you are on a regular twice a year service plan, then you have maintained the system correctly, and it has been well cared for every year. If you have just moved into a new home and you're not sure if the unit was maintained the correct way, it may be time for the next step.

Ask a Technician - Should I replace my heating and air system?

Another right way to know if you are nearing the life expectancy of the unit is to have an inspection or service on your unit from a trusted heating and air company. When you have your unit inspected, make sure that the technician goes over substantial issues that they see that may present danger signs that the unit needs replacing. If you are working with a quality heating and air company, then they should be able to help guide you through this process of repair versus replace.

Should I replace or repair my heating and air system?

  • Determine the age of the system.

  • Was it maintained the correct way?

  • Have I had to fix the system over the last few seasons?

  • Does the system struggle to keep up in the summer and winter?

You can be proactive

It’s so much better to replace before an emergency so that you can make a relaxed and informed decision. No one wants to have to make a quick decision when they are burning up or freezing to death. We also understand that some people and some heating and air companies will say, “Why to worry about replacing your system if you don’t  have to. You may have a few years of useful life left.” The reality, however, is that you may save yourself a significant headache, plus a loss of benefits, by being proactive and making a decision before encountering a system failure.

Benefits of replacing your system over repairing a system.

  • You’re buying at today’s price and avoiding price increases occurring over the next couple of years.

  • Enjoying savings on utility/energy bills every month for that 1-2 years.

  • Having a quiet more comfortable system.

  • Having peace of mind.

At Stanfield Air Systems we believe that you can replace your system at the right time and for the right reasons for you and your family. We feel that it is critical that you make this decision when you have the time and that a more relaxed and informed decision will be made when it is not made on the hottest or coldest day of the year. The technicians and team at Stanfield Air Systems will come out to assess your heating and air system for you and will provide all the information you need. Our team will guide you step by step in the process allowing you to ask questions and see the repair over replace issue from every side. When you are ready to call us, our team will schedule an appointment that will supply the answers you need for this challenging question.

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