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Thanksgiving Tips and a Family Sweet Potato Soufflé Recipe

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Here are a few of our favorite tips to make your job a little easier.

  1. Bring on the help! The more the merrier at the holidays, and the more helping hands make a great thanksgiving easier to pull off. So when someone asks what they can do, have a few tasks in mind to give to helpers both young and old.

  2. Make it ahead. If you can prep a dish (or five) ahead of time and set your table, that will make your Thanksgiving a little more relaxing.

  3. Skip the appetizers. Let's be honest, people are here for the main event, so skip appetizers (it's one less thing to do), and play the hits!

  4. Take care of yourself. Make sure you build time into your day to take a shower and get ready.

  5. Prep for guests. Make sure you turn down the thermostat about an hour before guests arrive, so your home won't be too hot, but comfortable. Plan a space where guests can leave coats and bags, and don't forget about any guests with special needs.

  6. Set the mood and enjoy. A little mood lighting, candles, and music go a long way in making the environment feel festive for your Thanksgiving meal. Just be sure to turn down the music when you give thanks!


A delicious recipe for Sweet Potato Soufflé

From our family to yours, here's a unique recipe for Sweet Potato Soufflé from our very own, Terri Reeves. This recipe has been in the Reeves family for years, and was passed down to Terri from her late mother-in-law, Ann Reeves. We've made a recipe card that prints out two of this delicious dish - one for you and one to share.


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