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Breathe Cleaner Air.

The ductwork in your home or business can be home to dust, dirt, allergens, moths, roaches, lizards, and more. Many of these creepy-crawlies make their way into your ductwork, breed, and then die while their droppings and bodies collect in your ductwork and even blow out and make you and your family sick. 


We've seen it all, and cleaned it all. If you suffer from allergies and asthma, regular duct cleaning can help eliminate the particles that aggravate your symptoms, keeping you or those you care about healthier. 

Duct cleaning can take just a few hours to make your home or business a healthier place to be.

Duct Cleaning Services

Don't throw money away. Dirty ducts mean that you spend more!

Stanfield Air Systems offers furnace and duct cleaning

What can clean ducts or a clean furnace do for you?

Stanfield Air Systems can come to your home or office, and clean your furnace and ducts with the patented ROTOBRUSH air duct cleaning system. This advanced cleaning method is the only one available that brushes and vacuums at the point of contact, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals such as sealers.

No dirt or mess in your house! Enjoy cleaner air with our flat fees for Duct Cleaning:

One System: $425
Two Systems: $800

If you have 3 or more Systems in your home or business, contact us for a quote.


Dirty Ducts can cause: High Fuel Bills, Fire Hazards, Excessive Dust, Wasted Energy, Bacteria Growth, Musty Stale Odors, and Dirty Furniture. 

What can clean ducts or a clean furnace do for you?

  • Cut Energy Costs each month

  • Reduce Repair Bills

  • Reduce Fire Hazards

  • Make your home or business cleaner

  • Reduce the likelihood of moths breeding in your HVAC system ductwork (it happens often)

  • Save on the cost of furniture cleaning and replacing linens and other soft surfaces that are worn down over time by dirty air

  • Cut Heating and Cooling operating costs

  • Improve Air Circulation throughout your home or business

  • Make cleaning easier



  1. You just installed a new high-efficiency heating and cooling system and you don't want to blow dirt and debris through the new coils.

  2. Allergy or asthma symptoms can be reduced with less air pollution

  3. You own pets... which means you have pet dander in the air

  4. Reduce the interior dust in your home

  5. Your ducts or furnace have been inactive for two or more years allowing more debris and dirt to accumulate

  6. Rodents or other pest infiltration

  7. Microbial growth inside such as mold, fungus, algae, or bacteria

  8. You notice odors from your ducts and/or furnace

  9. An inspection shows dirt and debris in your ducts

  10. Routine maintenance to improve air quality.

The EPA ranks indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 health risks. With 55 million allergy and asthmas sufferers in the U.S., the air we breathe is a growing concern. 90% of homes have shown indoor air quality issues, so you are not alone! 


Schedule an Inspection or Cleaning of your Air Ducts!

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