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Stanfield: The Installation Experts

Purchasing a new heating and cooling system is an investment in your home or business as well as your comfort. 

At Stanfield, we specialize in new system installation, from providing the right system for your space to ensuring that it's properly installed and running smoothly. Proper installation is essential for consistent operation, your energy bills, and the life of your HVAC system.

Let the experts at Stanfield Air Systems help you with your new system installation.

New Heating and Cooling Systems

The Right System, The Right Staff, The Right Price

Having a comfortable home is something everyone wants. A reliable heating and cooling system is a large part of your home comfort. Deciding which heating and cooling system to install, or when it's time to replace your system, is a big decision, and at Stanfield Air Systems we understand how important it is that you select a quality system at an affordable price. That's why we assist you in planning your HVAC system.

We will make sure that the system is matched to your needs. We take into consideration several factors in determining what your actual requirements are, including the size and layout of your home, your lifestyle, and other needs. Designing the system is only part of the picture. Proper system installation guarantees the system will operate as designed, and our installation specialists are highly trained and skilled, and they will ensure your system is functioning efficiently.


There are usually two circumstances when someone replaces their heating and cooling system:

  1. When the system is 10 or more years old and nearing the end of its useful life

  2. When it's a dire emergency - usually in extreme heat or cold


There are a couple of questions you can ask to help you determine if you'll need to replace your system sooner rather than later:

  • How old is your system?

  • Was it properly maintained throughout its life cycle?

  • Are you facing costly repairs to keep an older system running?

  • Are there people in your home who are susceptible to health risks in extreme heat or extreme cold?

If a replacement is imminent or if you're looking at expensive repairs, it's better to replace your system when you can take your time and make a relaxed, informed decision. When you replace before you're in an emergency situation, there are some great benefits, like:

  1. You're buying at today's price, so you'll avoid price increases on equipment.

  2. You'll see savings on your utility/ energy bills each month. Some customers see a drastic decrease in their power bill.

  3. You'll enjoy a more quiet, comfortable system.

  4. You'll have peace of mind knowing that you were able to make an informed decision on a reliable system.

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Stanfield Air Systems has been serving Athens and Northeast Georgia since 1968. With over 50 years in this great community, we've been able to build our team with experienced, certified, service technicians skilled in all areas of HVAC installation. Our team can provide professional installation for residence, office, or commercial space.


In addition to installation services, Stanfield Air Systems provides a wide range of services, including planned maintenance agreements, and duct cleaning, that are tailored to provide reliability to your existing systems or proposed new systems.

Whether you are interested in Stanfield Air Systems providing maintenance, repairs, or new installations, we have the capabilities to meet your heating and cooling needs.


To schedule an appointment please complete our service request form above or please give us a call at (706) 549-4767.

We consistently hear great things about our installation teams, but don't take it from us. See what our customers say about their installation experts:

"Professional, proactive, polite, and pleasant"
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Buy today, pay over time.

We have financing available through Wells Fargo Home Projects® credit card.

With approved credit from Wells Fargo, you’ll enjoy:


  • Convenient monthly payments

  • Flexible financing options

  • Easy online account management


Plus, by taking advantage of financing, you won’t use up your existing funding sources, like a home equity line of credit, other credit card or bank account. They’ll still be available when you need them.


Please contact us to find out which financing options are available to you, or to learn about special financing promotions. Click the image below to apply online.

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