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See what a Whole House Humidifier can do for your home and health

Whole-House Humidifiers balance your home's humidity to help improve a variety of health issues, including sleep and dry skin, enhance productivity, and keep you protected against airborne viruses. Additionally, humidifiers help preserve your home and any contents susceptible to cracking and warping due to low humidity levels. 

Stanfield Air Systems provides our customers with a variety of Whole House Humidifiers that can be installed directly into your HVAC system providing benefits to your entire house.

Find the Humidifier that's Right for You

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Air that’s too dry can act like a giant sponge, soaking up moisture from everyone and everything in your home, including woodwork, wood floors, and furnishings. It can take its toll on people living in these conditions, too, causing dry skin, chapped lips, and dry nasal passages that can aggravate allergies and sinus issues. Stanfield offers a line of humidifiers that can help eliminate dry air.


When a humidifier adds moisture back into your air, it can actually make your home feel warmer, saving money on the cost of heating your home. Humidifiers offer great health benefits. Ask Stanfield about humidifiers that are easy to maintain and can provide a positive impact on your home. We carry quality humidifiers from AprilAire and Santa Fe.

Enjoying a Read


Whole House Humidifiers are enjoyed by many owners for several key reasons...

  1. They help with breathing issues. For people with allergies and asthma, humidifiers offer relief to their airways.

  2. Dry skin and chapped lips are in the past. Once you install a humidifier you'll notice you need less lotion and your lips don't get chapped in the winter with the added moisture in the air of your home.

  3. Your home will feel more comfortable. Adding humidity back into the air actually makes it feel warmer in winter.

  4. The wood in your home will thank you. Wood flooring and furniture will have less wear and tear, fewer cracks and stay beautiful longer with a whole home humidifier.

We consistently hear great things about our team, but don't take it from us. See what our customers say:

"Stanfield Air technicians have always been helpful and professional."
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