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3 Reasons to Have your Heating and Cooling System Maintained by Professionals.

Ever wonder why does Stanfield places so much importance on regular maintenance? It’s really all about you and your comfort. Here are our top 3 reasons to have your HVAC system on a regular maintenance plan with us.

  1. Keep small repairs from growing into big problems. All appliances need maintenance from time to time, and your Heating and Air Units is no different. It’s actually the most used appliance in your home. But when there’s a problem that needs attention, it usually goes unnoticed for a while. When you have professionals visiting your home twice a year to maintain your system, they check it thoroughly and often catch problems while they’re small and can be easily repaired.

  2. Comfort for the season ahead. Before heating season and before cooling season, it’s important to have your system checked by a professional to keep it operating well all season long. Our thorough evaluation takes a look at all key components to ensure that they’re clean, running properly, and ready for action!

  3. Keep your warranty intact. It’s so important to have your heating and cooling professionally checked that your warranty actually requires two checks per year by a professional to keep your warranty intact. Planning ahead for maintenance pays off in the long run!

And don’t forget that you increase the life of your system when you have it properly maintained. Keep your system longer with proper maintenance!

Want to learn more about Planned Service from Stanfield or are you ready to sign up? Click here and be sure to use the $15 OFF coupon when you sign up.


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