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3 Ways to Outsmart Fall Allergies

It’s finally starting to feel like fall in Georgia with cooler temperatures and the leaves are starting to turn yellow, orange, and crimson. BUT, that means that for many allergy-sufferers their allergy season is starting to ramp up.

We’re here with three ways you can outsmart allergies this fall!

  1. Think preventatively. Keep windows and screen doors closed and rinse off at the end of the day. You’ll feel better all day, if you take preventative steps to keep allergens off your body and out of your home.

  2. Clean your indoor air. Most people spend more time inside than outside, so make sure that the air you breathe indoors is clean. Just like the purification system you use for your drinking water, there are ways to purify the air you breathe inside. Start with Duct Cleaning which removes dirt, dust, and allergens from the duct work in your home. If you still notice you’re allergies acting up inside, consider adding an in-duct filtration or purification system to your home. You can literally trap and eliminate allergens while they’re still in the ducts, keeping your air cleaner. You can check out Stanfield’s full line of indoor air quality solutions here.

  3. Don’t let yourself suffer. If you need some allergy medicine, take it! If your allergies turn into a sinus infection, see a doctor. And if you’re suffering year after year, maybe it’s time to see an allergist. You’ll feel so much better if you stop and take care of yourself!

Hope you have a great fall!


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