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3 Ways to Troubleshoot a Blank Thermostat

A blank thermostat can be something simple or something that is much bigger.

A blank thermostat is something that we get many calls for here at Stanfield Air Systems.  It is something that we can help you work through. We know that it may be something simple that you can address or identify yourself, but it may also lead to a much bigger problem that you may need help solving. Here is a quick rundown of the top three issues you can identify and possibly correct on your own.

Blank thermostats may point to a battery problem.

One reason a thermostat may be blank is that the batteries in the thermostat itself need replacing. Replacing batteries is the most straightforward fix that you can do on your own and the recovery time is just a few minutes. You will want to put both hands on the face of the thermostat and gently pull the thermostat off the wall. You will hear a small snap as the brackets release from the front faceplate. If you have to tug too hard, it may have a release button that needs to be depressed, but most newer model thermostats will just pop right off. Once off, just replace the batteries and snap the cover of the thermostat back into place. If the Thermostat is back on, you have more than likely fixed the issue. If it did not, you might want to continue to step two.

Step two for a blank thermostat is to check the breakers.

The second reason your thermostat may be blank is that one of your breakers has flipped. To check this out, you will need to find the breaker box in your house. Most of the time you will see this in your basement, utility closet, or garage. It will be a long grey box flush with the sheetrock and have a handle on it. The breaker box should be labeled and you will want to find the one for heat. Once you identify the right breaker, just click it to the off position and then back on. If the breaker stays on, then go and check to see if the thermostat is on again. If you find that the breaker stays on, then just make sure the system is working and blowing the right temperature air for the season. If the switch immediately flips back, do not do anything else and contact Stanfield Air Systems to schedule an appointment for a technician to check your system. You should tell the technician when he comes that the heat breaker will not stay on. If the breaker was not off and everything is ok there, then we should jump to the third reason your thermostat may be blank.

The last quick fix for a blank thermostat is a drip pan that is full.

One last reason your thermostat could be blank is that the drip pan is full. On your air handler unit on the inside of the house, you will have a drip pan to catch condensation and remove it from your home. Most air handlers will produce a little condensation water, and this system keeps it from building up and will drain this water to the outside. This drip pan is typically found in the attic, basement, garage or possibly an interior closet under your air handler. When the pan gets full of water, there is a float switch that will click off and turn the whole system off. If the drip pan is full, then there is a blockage of the drain that has to be cleared. Once cleared, the water will drain, and the float switch can be clicked back to the on position. If you see something simple blocking the drain, remove it, and then check the thermostat to see if it is working. If there is no visible blockage and if none of these quick fixes worked to clear up your blank thermostat, then it is time to give Stanfield Air Systems a call.

Our technician will come out and check your whole system and find the problem with your blank thermostat. The technician will find and identify the issue. All of our technicians will talk you through your specific situation and let you know all the options before we make any repair. We will always give you a written estimate and make sure that we answer any questions that you may have about your situation. It is so vital to the whole team at Stanfield Air  Systems that you get the perfect solution for you and your family, so you can get back to having comfortable heating and air in your house.

Schedule your appointment

If you are ready to schedule an appointment, you can do that by clicking here and scheduling your appointment online or by calling our team at (706) 549-4767. We serve the Athens and surrounding areas and counties and we will be happy to come out and see exactly what the issue is for your heating and air system.


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