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4 Ways to Lower Humidity in your Home

Did you know that high humidity in your home makes your home less energy efficient?

Humidity causes the air inside to be warmer, which makes your Cooling System have to work harder to cool the air down to a comfortable temperature. Even if it’s just in one area of your home, high humidity can cost you more money on your utility bills each month.

In addition to higher utility bills, high humidity can cause your home to smell musty and it can cause mold and mildew to grow. Mold and mildew can trigger allergies for sensitive airways. Low humidity leads to a healthier, happier home!

Here are a few simple ways you can lower humidity in your home and increase energy efficiency.

  1. Take preventative measures. Grow plants that absorb humidity in the house, install a vapor barrier in crawl spaces, and make sure the vent on your clothes dryer is clean and leads directly outside. These simple measures can reduce humidity in your home.

  2. Use a Dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers can make a significant impact on the humidity in your home, especially if your humidity is over 65%. Stanfield can check your humidity levels for you, and provide whole-house dehumidifiers options for you to choose from.

  3. Clean your Air Filters. Your Air Conditioning brings in air from the outside, dehumidifies it, cools it, and sends it into your home. The filers play a big role in removing moisture from the air, so make sure that you clean and change your filters regularly to ensure you’re getting the best result possible and supporting an energy-efficient system. Stanfield Planned Service Agreement customers can have their filter’s changed at each of the two visits per year.

  4. Apply practical advice. You’ll often hear to take shorter cooler showers on humid days, and avoid boiling water in the kitchen. These practical tips can help keep your indoor humidity low.

If you notice a humidity problem in your home, don’t wait for the mold and mildew to grow. Give Stanfield a call, and let us help you find a practical and effective solution to reduce humidity and help keep your home cool, comfortable, and healthy. 706-549-4767

We’re still serving our customers during the Coronavirus pandemic. We are following the advice from the CDC and OSHA so we can continue to safely serve our customers in the northeast Georgia area. Learn more about all that we’re doing to keep you and our team safe here.


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