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Fun Fall Activities

This fall may look a little different, but who says you can't have fun?! Here are some ideas to create your own fun at home this year.

1. Make Leaf Art

Pull out some paints or pencils for tracing, and let your creative juices flow. Your materials don't have to be expensive to create something beautiful.

2. Go on a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Put together a list of things you might see around your neighborhood in the fall - yellow leaves, pumpkin on the doorstep, piles of leaves, or even a dog lazily basking in the sunshine. Then challenge your kids or neighbor to a scavenger hunt!

3. Bake Something to Give Away

We could all use some extra smiles right now, so spread some joy by baking something tasty to give away to a neighbor, family, or friend. Homemade cards are welcome too!

4. Carve or Paint a Pumpkin

Choose your favorite tools and turn your pumpkin into something fun! Please share your beautiful pumpkins with us on Social Media - we LOVE seeing what you create!

5. Feed the Birds

Make a tried and true favorite! Cover a pine cone in peanut butter, roll it in birdseed, and hang it up where you can watch the birds feast!

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