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Keep your family from getting the flu!

Did you know that there's an easy way to keep your family healthy... something that kills bacteria, obliterates viruses, like the flu, and eliminates allergens in the air in your home? 

Let me introduce you to the Air Oasis Nano Air Cleaner - an in-duct UV air cleaner that filters and cleans the air in your home. And the best part: it's maintenance free! You have it installed one time, and that's it. Done. Cleaner air and a healthier home in one simple step.

The flu season has been so bad this year, that Stanfield is offering you $100 off this amazing device to help keep you out of the doctor's office.

Call us today at 706-549-4767 for a quote on having one installed in your home. It's a simple, affordable way to stay healthy this winter.


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