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Keep your pipes from freezing this winter

The water in pipes freezes when the temperature drops well below the freezing point for long enough to make the water remaining in the pipe freeze - usually 20-degrees F or less.

Frozen pipes can keep the water from flowing, but they can also result in pipes bursting (because water expands when it freezes) and causing damage to your home and property.

Here are a few ways you can try to keep your pipes from freezing this winter:

  1. Insulate your pipes. Adding a little insulation can keep your pipes warmer and hopefully avoid freezing the water inside.

  2. Allow warm air to circulate. Keep cabinet doors open under the sink, and doors open around the house, and allow the warm air from your heating system to flow throughout your home.

  3. Keep the garage door closed. If you have pipes that run above or along your garage, keep the garage door closed to keep the temperature warmer than the cold air outside.

  4. Let faucets drip. It’s much harder for running water to freeze. If you allow your faucets to slowly drip, enough water will keep moving through the pipes to hopefully keep them from freezing.

  5. Seal cracks and openings. Check windows, flooring, doors, and more to seal off any cracks to keep warm air inside and cool air outside.

  6. Keep your heat on. When temperatures drop very low, it’s not the time to save a few dollars by turning the heat down. Keep your heat on - even if you’re away, and warm enough to keep your pipes from freezing.

We hope these tips help, and we hope you stay safe and healthy all winter!


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