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The Systems Extreme Environmental Test Room

Quality, attention to detail, and a job well done are some of the traits that matter to the owners and team at Stanfield Air Systems. So it makes sense that the products we provide—from American Standard—would be held to the same standard—or, as they say, “a higher standard.”

Recently, Rex and Nathan Coker had the opportunity to visit the factory where American Standard heating and air conditioning units are made in Tyler, Texas. Their manufacturing plant, located about halfway between Dallas and Shreveport, provides a central location for the complete construction and assembly of their condensing units and furnaces. You probably recognize the condensing units as the outdoor component of your HVAC system.

The state-of-the-art facility is 1.7 million square feet, a massive manufacturing plant. In a space that size, we were impressed with the level of technology and cleanliness throughout. American Standard constructs its proprietary and one-of-a-kind spine fin coil there, making 1.5 million linear feet of coil each day.

During our visit, we were able to see their research and development department, which works on new products and advancing technology for their HVAC units. One of the most remarkable rooms in the R&D department is their Systems Extreme Environmental test room for heating and air conditioning systems. They subject their units to a 2,600+ hour continuous test that puts units through eight phases of extreme conditions designed to reveal signs of weakness or unusual wear. In this severe environment, researchers test every American Standard unit, as well as their competitors, to see how the units hold up in temperatures as cold as 0°F heating to 90º and as hot as 125°F cooling to 80º. Units must survive this test of extremes, or it’s back to the drawing board.

Additionally, American Standard requires their units to outlast competitors in this room. That is an impressive amount of testing and a very high standard to which they hold their equipment.

We left our visit to the Tyler manufacturing facilities confident that we provide the best HVAC units on the market that hold up better than any competitors under extremely strenuous conditions. In addition, we saw first-hand the team effort, the sense of pride, and the camaraderie that their employees put into each unit that, in turn, our team at Stanfield installs for our customers. It was a fantastic reminder of how well-built and designed these units are and how investing in them is a sound choice.

When you decide it’s time to replace your heating and air conditioning unit, we are proud to offer the American Standard line of products, knowing they are the highest quality on the market. We also strive to provide affordable options, including low monthly payments to fit your budget. With expanded warehousing, we can also offer next-day installations.


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