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Quick Tips if Your AC Goes Out

If your AC goes out, here’s what to check:

  1. Check thermostat to make sure it's set to cool and the batteries are still operating. If the batteries in your thermostat are dead, that could be why your system isn’t running. Check for a blank screen, and replace the batteries, if needed. For more details, check out our video at

  2. Check the filter. A very dirty filter can keep air from passing through and trigger your system to turn off. It’s important to change your air filters regularly.

  3. Check the breaker. Electrical surges can cause your breakers to turn off. If your air system isn’t running, check your electrical panel and make sure the breakers for your HVAC are in the “on” position.

  4. Check drain line or drain pan. Occasionally your drain line can become clogged or the drain pan may fill up, causing the float switch to turn off your cooling system. If your air isn’t running, check your unit to see if there’s standing water in the drain pan or if you can see a clog in the line, and call Stanfield to come and clear up any issues you may be experiencing.

  5. Check the unit to make sure it's clear of debris. If there are weed or debris around the outdoor unit, call Stanfield and let the professionals get your outdoor unit back into working shape for you. Do not try to clean dirt and debris from an outdoor unit without proper training.

We hope these tips help you stay cool and comfortable during the warm spring and summer months!


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