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Recipes for S'More Fun

It’s not secret that we love a good recipe at Stanfield, so here are some of our favorite ways to add a fun twist to the classic chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker s’mores recipe.

  • Instead of using a chocolate bar in your S’more, use a Reeces Peanut Butter Cup or another favorite type of candy. Pro tip: cut a fun size candy bar (like snickers or milky way) in half horizontally and the two pieces fit side by side on your graham cracker.

  • Put an Elvis spin on your S’more and fill it with peanut butter, banana, and bacon topped with a toasted marshmallow. If it’s good enough for the king, it’s good enough for us!

  • Change the graham cracker for Oreos or Rice Crispy Treats for a yummy twist that the kids will love!

  • Make S’mores dip for a party instead of individual s’mores. To make, warm a skillet up on the stove and melt butter on low heat, brushing the edges to coat the pan. Next, turn the stove off and add chocolate (can be chocolate chips, chocolate bars, or another favorite candy), followed by a thin layer of marshmallows. Pop your skillet into the oven preheated to 450°, and cook for 5 - 6 minutes until the marshmallows are toasted brown. Dip with graham crackers and enjoy!


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