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Should I have a service agreement for my heating and air system?

Your heating and air system is one of the big four systems that make your house comfortable and liveable. Without someone maintaining your heating and air system, using a yearly service agreement, you run the risk of this largest working system having more significant problems develop in the future. The maintenance of your system is very important for you and your family to have a cool summer and a warm winter in your home.

Your heating and air system is your most important appliance, and we do not often think about it because it is running in the background. The problem is that when the system does not work properly, you and your family will be burning up or freezing when that shouldn’t be a problem. Having regular maintenance on your heating and air system will offer you many significant benefits:

  • It will lower energy bills.

  • There will be fewer costly repairs.

  • Your equipment will run much safer.

  • There is less chance of catastrophic failure of your system.

  • It will prolong the life of your heating and air system.

  • It will also make sure that your system warranty remains in place.

Here at Stanfield Air Systems, we recommend that you get your system checked twice a year. It should be checked once in the spring to look over your cooling system and once in fall to check out your heating system. A service agreement will keep everything running in the best shape and head off some of your most significant system issues.

If you are not sure when your last heating and air system maintenance was completed, then now is an excellent time to call Stanfield Air Systems and sign up for our planned heating and air system service agreement. Our team will contact you for your twice a year check up and make sure that your system is running correctly.

Communication is one of our core values, and we make sure that you understand what we did and what we recommend every time we come to your home to work on your heating and air system. We will always give you a written estimate for any repair that we recommend, and we will make sure that you fully understand all of your options. All of your questions will be answered by our technician before he leaves.  

If you are in the Athens or surrounding areas and need to get started, please give us a call at (706) 549-4767.


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