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Top 10 Reasons to Have your Air Ducts Cleaned

Most homeowners don’t consider the impact that dirty air ducts can have on your home - and even your health. Dirty Ducts can cause: High Energy Bills, Fire Hazards, Excessive Dust, Wasted Energy, Bacteria Growth, Musty Stale Odors, and Dirty Furniture. Having your ducts cleaned is a great way to improve the indoor air quality in your home while saving money and keeping your family healthy. Here are 10 great reasons to have your ducts cleaned…

  1. You just installed a new high efficiency heating and cooling system and you don't want to blow dirt and debris through the new coils.

  2. Allergy or asthma systems can be reduced with less air pollution.

  3. You own pets... which means you have pet dander in the air.

  4. Reduce the interior dust in your home.

  5. Your ducts or furnace have been inactive for two or more years allowing more debris and dirt to accumulate.

  6. Rodents or other pest infiltration.

  7. Microbial growth inside such as mold, fungus, algae, or bacteria.

  8. You notice odors from your ducts and/or furnace.

  9. An inspection shows dirt and debris in your ducts.

  10. Routine maintenance to improve air quality.

Interested in having your ducts cleaned? Call Stanfield Air Systems at 706-549-4767 or visit our duct cleaning page to learn more.


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