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What’s hiding in your dryer vent?

What’s in the line that goes from your clothes dryer to the outside of your home? Most people don’t think about it… until there’s a problem. If your home is 10 years or older, or if you are not great about cleaning the lint trap in your clothes dryer, there’s a good chance that it’s time for a good cleaning.

According to FEMA, each year there are 2,900 home clothes dryer fires reported with an estimated $35 million in property loss. A dryer vent that is clogged is a HUGE hazard to your home and family. You should be concerned if you notice that your clothes are taking longer to dry, the laundry room is hotter while the dryer is in use, or you smell something burning. Check your dryer vent, and have it professionally cleaned. For ongoing safety, be sure to thoroughly clean your lint trap between each load of laundry and don’t overload your dryer.

To learn more about having your dryer vent cleaned contact Stanfield Air Systems or learn more online at


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