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What to look for if your heating system stops working

It’s the time of year to snuggle under blankets drink your favorite warm beverage, and enjoy the great indoors. But it’s not so great inside when the heat goes out. We’re here to help with a list of things for you to check before you spend money on a visit from an HVAC professional, like Stanfield.

First, check to make sure your thermostat is on heat. Sometimes it can slide out of place, so let’s start with the easiest fix.

Second, if you’re on a gas system, make sure there’s gas coming into your home. If you’re experiencing an issue with gas, be sure to call your provider and report the problem ASAP.

Third, head to your circuit breakers and make sure the breaker for your system hasn’t been switched off. If it is, make sure you turn it all the way off, and all the way back on. Check the heat to make sure it’s working after flipping the breaker back on.

Fourth, check your filter. An extremely dirty filter can block the flow of air and trigger a system shut down until a new filter has been installed. This is especially prone to happen in homes where the filter is not changed on a regular basis or after a big home renovation or other project that put a lot of dust, dirt, and debris into your home.

Fifth, check to see if the fan in your system is running. If the fan is running but no heat is coming out, there could be something hindering your system. Check in and around your filter, and if you don’t see anything you can remove, give us a call.

Sixth, check your thermostat batteries. If they’re dead and need to be replaced, that can keep your system from running properly.

If you still can’t seem to determine why your heat isn’t working, we’re here for you. Give Stanfield a call at 706-549-4767, and we’ll be happy to come out and get your system back up and running again.

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