Stanfield Air Systems serving Athens and Northeast Georgia

Long gone are the days when a house was heated with a wood stove. Why do some companies still treat your heating and cooling requirements as if those days were still here? Today's heating and cooling technologies require training and certification to function correctly day in and day out.


With so many different choices available, who can you turn to in order to insure the correct solution for your particular requirements? Who has the reliable reputation that you can trust to provide you with what is needed?

Stanfield Air Systems has been serving the Athens area since 1968. We are a family owned and operated business which places quality performance and customer satisfaction first. Stanfield Air Systems represents a full line of Amana High Efficiency Air Conditioners, Aprilaire humidifiers, Honeywell Air Filters, Geothermal Heat Pumps, American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Systems, PerfectTemp thermostats and Space-Gard air cleaners.

You never know what you will find in your crawlspace!

One of our technicians, Nick, met a new "friend" in a customer's crawl space in Oconee County. Thankfully the rattle snake didn't strike, and John Bryam from Byram Wildlife Removal , LLC (Athens/Clarke County) came to the rescue.  If you don't want to run into unwanted guests while changing your filters, let us do it for you.  Our scheduled maintenance service provide peace of mind and keep you safe from the things that lurk in the dark!

FAQ: Why doesn't the fan on my outside unit come on?

You should first make sure that there is power to the outside unit. When your thermostat is set and the unit should be coming on, go outside and listen for a humming noise. If you hear no noise, then you probably have no power to the unit.

Check the power disconnect outside at the unit (if breaker type, flip off then on again; if fuse type, pull out then push back in), then check the breaker inside at the breaker panel. Once you have checked these and still have no power, make sure the thermostat wire (small brown wire entering with copper tubing) has not been cut while trimming grass.

If you find none of the above, then you should call for service. Read More...

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