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3 Key Benefits of Scheduled Maintenance for your Heating and Cooling System

We often hear people ask the question, "Why do I need scheduled maintenance for my system? I change my filters regularly - isn't that enough?"

The truth is YES, you do need scheduled maintenance. And here's why:

  1. Your system warranty REQUIRES regular maintenance from a professional. Did you know that your heating and cooling system came with a 10-year warranty? That's the industry standard. The warranty requires that you have your system regularly maintained by an HVAC system professional. If you need a major repair on your heating or cooling system, you want that warranty intact, because it could save you a bundle!

  2. Most heating and cooling system failures are easy to avoid with proper maintenance. We've all heard the horror stories of someone's air going out in a heat wave, or their heat stops working in the middle of a cold snap. Did you know that the majority of these types of emergency calls could have been avoided if the system was inspected twice a year? Having a professional put your system through a workout twice a year is a great way to find any problems and fix them before they cause more, costly repairs.

  3. Regular maintenance on your most used household appliance actual SAVES you money. The most common repairs that we make can often lead to other problems. When an issue goes undetected, like a leak, forgotten filter, or others, they usually effect additional parts of your heating and cooling system or your home. We all know that one thing leads to another, and one problem, can lead to more, and repairing all of those problems can add up. Quickly! 

Stanfield offers the area's most comprehensive, economical maintenance program. Call or click to have your system priced or learn more.


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