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A History of Service

Stanfield Air Systems was founded in 1968 by Lynn Stanfield, with the mission of providing heating and air conditioning services and systems that placed quality performance and customer satisfaction first. Lynn applied this mission to every aspect of his business from the team he hired to the equipment Stanfield used. His dedication to excellence showed in every aspect of his work.

It was not uncommon for Lynn to visit the homes of customers to provide assistance when needed or when no one else was available, ensuring every need was met. He always wanted to stay informed on the very latest technology available, and he even traveled to Oklahoma City to learn how to install Geothermal Heat Pump systems years before anyone else in the area offered it.

Fifty-four years later, that mission and commitment to quality is still at the core of what we do every day at Stanfield - we aim to provide quality products, the best in customer service, clear communication, and service to our community. With each decision, we ask if it’s the best way to serve our customers and team.

Recently, we’ve transitioned our internal system for scheduling, tracking home visits and customer service history, invoicing, and more to a new system that will better serve you, our valued customers, and our team. Our new system will allow us to:

  1. Keep detailed service history of units enabling quicker, more efficient service calls.

  2. Manage visits more efficiently and work around the client’s schedule.

  3. Being able to give clients multiple options within seconds to better serve what is important to the client

  4. The ability to keep better data on key components of your systems, such as filter sizes, humidifier pads, UV Bulbs, etc.

  5. The ability to reach out to the entire client database within seconds to offer assistance in case of an emergency of some sort.

  6. Offering the best price of current equipment and repair parts due to the supply chain crisis.

We’re excited to provide you with more detailed, faster service through our new system. We hope that it will serve as a great asset to both you and our team as we continue to exceed the expectations of quality and professional customer service each and every day.


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