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Comfort that fits your Budget

Stanfield Air Systems is Working to Make HVAC Affordable

Inflation. Price Increases. These days, everything is more expensive, and we’re all feeling the pinch. At Stanfield, we feel it too, from equipment prices to the power bill - we’re paying more for everything.

Over the last several years, we’ve seen more price increases in the cost of HVAC equipment than ever before. Until 2020, equipment prices used to adjust annually to keep up with the cost of materials and labor. Now, we’re seeing several price increases every year, making it more expensive to have a new heating and air conditioning system installed. And if we’re being completely honest, we don’t like it one bit.

Our goal has always been to provide high-quality, professional service and products for a fair price. With the price going up so much, we’ve worked with our customers to make getting a new system affordable with financing.

Through our financing partner, Wells Fargo, we’re able to offer our customers payment plans that fit your budget so you can afford the heating and air conditioning system you need without draining your bank account. The comfort you need at a price you can afford - and often, you’ll see a lower power bill too!

The energy savings can be significant! One of our customers replaced two of their three systems in June of this year before we experienced record-setting heat in July. Their previous systems were over 15-years-old, and despite the hot temperatures in July, they saw their energy usage cut in HALF year over year on their energy bill. They didn’t change their habits and set their AC where it was comfortable for them, and still saw a considerable saving. With affordable monthly payments, they’re now enjoying more reliable home comfort and lower monthly power bills. It’s a win-win!

If you’ve been waiting for a big tax refund or bonus to replace your HVAC system, we can tell you that you don’t have to live with a system that can’t keep up anymore. Get comfortable again! Our team can discuss all of your options with you, help you identify any tax credits or utility rebates you may be eligible for, and you’ll see a fair price and options for payment plans. You’re in the driver’s seat, and we’re here to help!

We want you and your family to be comfortable, no matter what Mother Nature throws our way. Call today at 706-549-4767 to discover how we can help you!


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