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Your HVAC Specialist for 23+ Years

Philip McDaniel

Phillip McDaniel may not have planned on having a career in the HVAC industry, but after taking a summer job before college, his plans changed. He liked it so much that he stayed and has been working in the heating and cooling industry for over 20 years.

Phillip has worn many hats around Stanfield, from support positions to his current job as a Comfort Advisor. He loves “the ever-evolving technology in the industry to ensure more efficient systems being installed in homes. I also love helping people and customers.” He enjoys working with Stanfield because it feels like family, and the team “goes the extra mile” for customers.

One of Phillip’s most memorable experiences was an installation 18 years ago for a long-time Stanfield customer. After two years at Stanfield, the customer was not convinced that he could do the job because he looked too young. Phillip recalls, “I was finally able to convince him that I was able to do the job at a high level. Once I finished his installation, he looked it over, and turned to me, and apologized for ‘judging the book by the cover before opening it to read.’ He stated that he was very impressed, and it was one of the best installs he had seen in a very long time.”

Phillip’s favorite team is the Georgia Bulldogs, and there’s no guessing when you walk into his office. You can bet, there is a lot of banter when another team member here at Stanfield is a Florida fan!

Phillip has always gone above and beyond to put the customer’s needs first. From going to help a customer late at night or truthfully advising a customer to repair a unit instead of replacing it, his integrity is bar none, and that is extremely important when you have an individual in the sales position.

When Phillip isn’t working with Stanfield, he enjoys hunting and spending time with his wife of 22 years, Christan, and their two daughters, Makayla, age 20, and Macie, age 17. They also have two dogs, Brantley, a 10-year-old Yorkie, and Chloe, a 1-year-old Yorkie, and a cat named Binx.


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