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Employee Spotlight: Rhett Singletary

Your Local Installation Expert

When Rhett Singletary was contemplating what he wanted to do for his career, he thought about his home in the South, the needs of his local area, and his family. The south is home to hot, hot summers, and Rhett felt like it would be an industry that would always be needed and give him a chance to help people in his community. And that’s exactly what he does as an Installation Technician for Stanfield Air Systems.

Rhett was born and raised in Athens, GA, and is one of five children in his family. He developed a love of caring for others, making sure they have what they need, and putting others before himself - a quality that is admired and valued by the team at Stanfield and our customers.

“Rhett’s dedication and hard work truly shines through in everything he does. His commitment to excellence is inspiring and his positive attitude uplifts the entire team. His passion for helping people, whether its assisting his teammates or serving our customers, is commendable and makes him an invaluable asset to our organization.” – Nathan Coker

Rhett has been a part of the Stanfield team for more than two years, and he enjoys being able to work with his hands to troubleshoot and problem-solve for his customers. He also enjoys the community and home-like feel of working at Stanfield. Being a part of a tight-knit group of technicians also produces quality work - something that benefits our customers and makes Rhett feel proud about the work he’s doing and the team that he’s a part of.

When we asked him about some of his favorite memories of working at Stanfield, he said, “The first time that I got to work with a crane was pretty cool.” Whether it’s cranes, duct jacks, purge kits, or just your run -of-the-mill installation, customers can expect that Rhett will get the job done with the care.

“I love my job, I love this company, and I love the people I work with. It is truly a joy to come to work every day. I always love the new opportunities and pushing myself and others around me to be better every day.”

When Rhett isn’t busy installing new heating and air conditioning systems for customers, he enjoys baseball, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his parents and siblings.


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