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Employee Spotlight: Rodger Stratton

Supporting Our Team in the Field

Rodger Stratton is a team member you probably haven’t seen or spoken to, but he is vital. Rodger works in our warehouse, supporting our technicians and installation teams. When a part is needed from the warehouse or something unexpected is needed on a work site, Rodger is the man who gets parts to our teams in a timely manner to help your service, maintenance, or installation go smoothly.

In addition, he works behind the scenes to keep our warehouse organized and clean.

That allows our teams to load up quickly in the mornings before they arrive at your door.

Rodger has been with Stanfield for three years, and during that time, he has become a favorite co-worker among office staff and tech teams alike. Known for his being a die-hard

fan of the Florida Gators. During football season, there is usually a friendly rivalry between Roger and the rest of the staff. Sometimes, there is even a wager made, with the loser

having to wear the opposing team’s colors. Fortunately, Rodger’s been seen wearing red for the last few years.

Originally from Oglethorpe County, Rodger wanted to work at Stanfield because of its great reputation and the quality of work it provides to its customers. He also loves the Christmas parties!


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