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Get your Air Conditioning Tuned Up for Summer

Just like an athlete trains before their season begins to make sure their playing at peak form, your Air Conditioning system needs a little preparation before demanding 90-degree days hit as well. That’s why ALL air conditioning systems need a tune up - especially here in Georgia!

An AC Tune Up is an easy thing to dismiss or overlook, but here’s why you need to make this a priority.

Prevent Problems

Properly maintenance of your AC system include regular tune ups from an HVAC professional. These tune ups help identify issues early and ensure that your AC is running efficiently. We would love for you to never run into an emergency AC repair need, but the only way to help guarantee that is by taking proper care of the system.

Improved Comfort and Safety

When we come out and check your AC, our technicians check all of your equipment to make sure you’re getting proper air flow through your system for increased comfort in your home. In addition, they check for safety hazards, and correct any issues that they find, so you can rest assured that your system is safely operating at its highest capacity.

Keep Your System Running Longer

We’ve seen it so many times… someone gets a new HVAC system, then doesn’t properly maintain it with consistent tune ups and new filters. Over time, this causes an avoidable burden on the system, and it breaks down before it’s run a normal life cycle for a new HVAC system. Protect your investment and keep your Air Conditioning running longer with proper maintenance. Just like your car needs regular oil changes and break pads, your AC needs some consistent care too. Don’t forget, it is the most used (and often most expensive) appliance in your home!


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